Avoiding hair-don’ts and achieve the perfect wedding hair-do’s with Hair by Vision

So, your big day’s on the horizon and it’s all everyone can talk about.

Wedding favours, outfits, hair, shoes, accessories: even the weather is proving to be a hot topic as everyone struggles to contain their excitement for your big day.

Traditionally, certainly in the town of Wigan, a woman’s wedding day is a pivotal part of life as all eyes rest on her as she makes those final maiden named steps down the aisle and into the arms of her awaiting groom…

So, in preparation for the big day, you’ve smashed the gym, you’ve found the dress, your bridesmaids dresses are chosen and ready; all that’s left to do?

Talk wedding hair!

As we know, your wedding hair has the ability to change your whole look on your wedding day and if done incorrectly, can be a true nightmare for any bride.

Here at Hair by Vision, we’ve put many Wigan “bridezilla’s” at ease on their big day as our team of stylists get to work. Our friendly, down-to-earth experts bring a warm, comforting nature to tense pre-wedding atmospheres easing those pre-wedding jitters into excitement (usually with a little help from the bridesmaids).

As your wedding day looms and your bridal looks piecing together beautifully; here at Hair by Vision, Stamford: it’s time to put all those hair dreams to one of our expert hair stylists and get the perfect wedding hair style practised and perfected in time for your magical wedding day.

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Tips for achieving your perfect wedding hair

Face Shape

Choosing a wedding hair style which compliments your face shape is by far the most important aspect to choosing the all important style which works for you. When choosing our wedding hair, most of us automatically decide the up-do is the must-have wedding look to go for: not true.

Your hair style must compliment and enhance your natural features if you wish to achieve that natural, elegant bridal look…

Round Face Shapes

Those who have round faces should be looking more towards longer wedding hair styles. Having your hair fall a few inches below the chin lengthens face shape while slimming the face. Our experts here at Hair by Vision suggest those with rounder faces should look into hair-down styles or half up, half down in order to complement and enhance your natural beauty.

Square Face Shape

Those of you who have a square face? You’re lucky.

Those with who’re sporting the square face look tend to have a strong, sharp jawline which lends itself well to longer wedding hair styles. Long waves or curls which fall past the shoulder give off the more natural, classy and elegant wedding look.

Oval face shapes

The iconic Jennifer Aniston is among one of many celebs to be sporting the oval face shape. This face shape is the most versatile shape, lending itself to a huge range of stylish wedding hair styles.

Here at Hair by Vision, we recommend you play around with a look which really compliments those cheekbones with perhaps a mid-central bun or a high slicked back pony tail. The great thing about having an oval shaped face is that you can chose virtually any style and tweak this to suit your face shape perfectly.

Long face shapes

If your face shape lands in the ‘long’ category then there are many shorter styles we can play around with to ensure your wedding hair looks perfect.

Longer faces tend to really work the shorter hair styles as shorter hair gives your face shape some width and balances out the longer look. Shorter wedding hair would look perfect on those with longer face shapes or side, low buns (to name few).

Heart face shapes

The notorious Reese Witherspoon heart shaped face lends itself to a wide range of up or down wedding hair styles. From long flowing waves to loose up-dos; you have the luxury to experiment away with your big day hair styles.

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